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File A Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim – 5 Essential Steps To Take

Work injuries in Florida transpire everyday, but no one really thinks it will happen to them.  However, what if you do get hurt on-the-job?  Do you have a plan in place? Would you know what to do and what steps to take after your injury?

When a work injury in Florida happens, it can leave you in pain and unable to work. You need to know what to do and understand the Florida workers’ compensation claim process.

5 Essential Steps to Take When Applying for Florida Workers’ Compensation Includes:

  1. File a Workers’ Comp Claim: Under Florida law, you have to report your work injury to your employer no more than 30 days after it occurs.  Your employer is required to report this to their insurance company within 7 days after you notified them. If your employer does not report your injury, then you can get the proper forms from the Florida Workers’ Compensation Employee Assistance Office and report it yourself.

  2. Medical Examination: When you fill out a workers’ compensation claim, the insurance company may request that you get a medical exam from a list of their approved medical providers. Remember, the doctor is not on your side as he may make his livelihood from the insurance company. Take notes at the medical exam of what tests the doctor runs on you and how long the exam takes. Also, do not down play your injury to the doctor as he will report his findings to the insurance company.

  3. Payment: When you file a workers’ compensation claim in Florida, you are not paid for the first seven days of disability. However, if your disability claim continues over 21 days, then the insurance company will reimburse your for those first seven days.

  4. Denied Claim: If your workers’ compensation claim gets denied, you have the right to appeal it and file a Petition for Benefits (PFB).  This is a crucial part of your workers’ compensation case. You need to speak with an experienced Florida work injury attorney at this point if you have not done so.

  5. Speak with an Attorney: The insurance company, your employer, and even the doctors are not on your side.  You need someone to look out for you during this process who is experienced in workers’ comp claims and knows the Florida workers’ compensation laws. A lawyer can help you fill out your initial claims, guide you to a good doctor, and even help you re-submit a denied claim.

If your employer does not submit your claim or fires you from your job because of your injury, please call the Law Offices of David Benenfeld for legal advice today.  Also, if your Florida workers’ compensation claim gets denied, do not re-submit it without speaking with me first. I will be happy to discuss your case with you and tell you about your rights under Florida workers’ compensation laws.  Call me today at 954-677-0155.

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