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Fort Lauderdale Bone Fracture Lawyer

There are a number of different ways that a bone can fracture, each of which comes with its own risks and treatment-related issues. Fortunately, bone fractures that occur while on the job are usually compensable in Florida, so if you recently fractured a bone while at work, it is important to contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale bone fractures lawyer.

Types of Bone Fractures

Human bones are surprisingly strong and can stand up to a fair amount of stress and impact. They are not, however, immune to these forces and can break if placed under too much stress or too forceful of an impact. These fractures fall under a variety of categories, but the most common include:

  • Avulsion fractures, in which a muscle or ligament is stretched too far, pulling on the bone and ultimately fracturing it;
  • Comminuted fractures, in which the bone actually shatters into multiple pieces;
  • Fracture dislocations, which occur when a joint becomes dislocated and one of the bones within the joint fractures as a result;
  • Hairline fractures, which are also known as partial fractures, as they don’t involve a full break;
  • Compound fractures, in which the bone pierces the skin after breaking;
  • Impacted fractures, which occur when a fragment of the broken bone comes into contact with another bone;
  • Stress fractures, which occur as a result of repeated stresses and strains on certain bones; and
  • Spiral fractures, in which at least one part of the broken bone was twisted.

The signs and symptoms of a fracture will vary depending on which bone is affected and the type of break in question, as well as the patient’s age and health. Most, however, are accompanied by pain, swelling, discolored skin, bruising, a lack of mobility, and the bending of the bone at an unusual angle.

Medical Benefits and Wage Loss Replacement

Diagnosing a broken bone usually requires not only a physical examination, but x-rays and other tests. Once discovered, fractures must still be set in place and immobilized, often through the use of a cast or brace, unless the bone pierced the skin, in which case, a patient may require the surgical fusing of the broken bone with metal pins, plates, and rods. The cost of diagnosis and treatment can quickly become overwhelming for injured parties. Furthermore, the typical bone fracture requires immobilization for up to eight weeks, as long as there are no other complications like infection, meaning that many injured parties are unable to work for months after their accident.

Fortunately, employees whose bones are broken while on the job can obtain medical benefits to cover these costs, regardless of whether the break was the result of a direct blow or fall, or repetitive force or overuse. They are also entitled to at least partial wage loss replacement while recuperating.

Experienced Fort Lauderdale Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

To speak with a workers’ comp lawyer about your on-the-job bone fracture and your options for recovering compensation, please call The Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. at 954-677-0155 today.

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