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Construction-related occupations are often dangerous, as they typically require that workers use heavy machinery, hazardous tools, and engage in physically daunting tasks, often at great heights. For these reasons, construction sites are almost always at the top of the list of the most dangerous workplaces in the U.S. Unfortunately, injuries are common in this industry, so if you were hurt at work and have questions about your recovery options, it is important to speak with a dedicated lawyer who can advise you.

Common Construction Accidents

Because construction sites are so dangerous, there are actually a number of ways that employees can hurt themselves, but the most common involve:

  • Falls from scaffolding, ladders, or elevated platforms;
  • Being struck by a falling object, including scaffolding, crane loads, and tools, as well as building materials like beams and concrete;
  • Accidents involving defective or malfunctioning equipment or tools;
  • Electrocution from uninsulated or non-grounded wiring, exposed power lines, or faulty wiring;
  • Machinery accidents involving dangerous tools like nail guns, jackhammers, cranes, and forklifts;
  • Slip and fall accidents, caused by coming into contact with extension cords, spilled liquids, uneven ground, or holes;
  • Fires and explosions caused by exposed wiring, flammable chemicals and gases, and leaking pipes;
  • Getting caught or crushed between two objects, such as large vehicles, heavy equipment, or building materials;
  • Vehicle collisions involving a large truck or other specialized machinery;
  • Overexertion resulting from working long hours in poor weather conditions; and
  • Trench or building collapses.

In Florida, employees who are injured in these kinds of accidents can collect workers’ compensation benefits, including medical benefits and reimbursement for lost wages, regardless of whether the accident was the result of negligence.

Workers’ Compensation and Third Party Liability

It’s also important to note, however, that employers who provide their employees with workers’ compensation insurance are immune from civil liability for accidents. It is possible, on the other hand, to file a claim against a negligent third party who contributed to or caused an accident, an avenue that is available to construction workers more often than employees in other industries, as construction companies often hire multiple independent contractors and subcontractors. Whether a person believes that he or she has a valid third party claim or chooses to only file a workers’ compensation claim, seeking reimbursement after a construction accident is critical, as the injuries sustained in these types of accidents are almost always severe.

Call Today for Help with Your Case

Construction accident injuries tend to be serious and often catastrophic in nature, which means that not only are injured parties required to obtain painful and expensive treatment, but that they often suffer from permanent disability for the rest of their lives. To learn more about receiving compensation for your own workplace accident, please reach out to a member of the experienced workers’ comp legal team at The Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. today. We can be reached by calling 954-677-0155 or via online message.

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