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A number of industries rely on the use of heavy machinery and equipment. Amongst these, however, cranes are amongst the most important, not only on construction sites, but also to the transportation and manufacturing sectors. Unfortunately, they are also extremely dangerous to operate in and around, as is reflected by the high number of injuries attributed to crane collapses and other crane-related accidents every year.

In Florida, employees who are injured while operating in or near a crane can often obtain compensation to cover their medical bills and a portion of their lost wages. It can be difficult, however, to file this type of claim, especially for those who are suffering from catastrophic injuries, so if you were injured while working on a construction site, you should consider consulting with an experienced lawyer who can advise you throughout the claim filing process.

Crane Uses

Cranes are a type of machine that is typically equipped with hoist ropes and chains and can be used to lift and lower materials. They are primarily used for heavy lifting in the loading and unloading of freight, for moving building materials, and in the manufacturing industry for assembling heavy or large equipment. Unfortunately, because they are used almost exclusively in the transportation of heavy equipment, they are notoriously dangerous to operate, not only for those actually using the crane, but for anyone standing in the vicinity who could be struck by falling loads.

Common Accident Causes

Crane operation is a complicated task, so even small mistakes could result in an accident. While improper crane operation is reportedly the most common cause of crane accidents, there are still a number of situations in which this equipment can malfunction. For instance, all cranes have weight limits to ensure that they won’t tip over while in operation and are also equipped with counterweights and out-rigging systems to counterbalance their weight. If, however, these weights are exceeded or a boom is overextended, the counterweights will be insufficient and too much pressure will be placed on the hydraulic and mechanical components of the crane, causing the entire machine to malfunction.

The safe operation of a crane also requires the use of wood and metal supports to stabilize the load. If a crane is not assembled properly, these supports could fail, resulting in a lack of balance and potential collapse. Other accidents are the result of mechanical failure, which can often be prevented by conducting timely and consistent inspections. Another common type of crane accident occurs when a crane comes into contact with a power line, potentially electrocuting the operator in the crane basket. The best way to prevent this is to shut down the power lines before starting work. Unfortunately, this step is often skipped in an effort to complete a job more quickly.

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