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Unlike many other types of injuries, including broken bones and back injuries, shoulder and knee injuries that occur in the workplace are usually not the result of a single accident, but can often be attributed to overuse. Unfortunately, these types of injuries also tend to be debilitating, making it difficult or even impossible to fulfill job-related responsibilities. It is possible, however, to recover compensation for the medical expenses accrued when diagnosing and obtaining treatment for shoulder injuries, as well as for lost wages, so if you were hurt while on the job, please reach out to our experienced lawyer for help.

Common Work-Related Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries are one of the most commonly sustained injuries in the workplace, as the shoulders are used anytime we use our arms. This also means, however, that pain or limited mobility in this part of the body can make it difficult to perform a variety of different job duties. There are also a number of ways that the shoulder can be injured, as it is made up of a combination of joints, major bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Employees in certain occupations are more likely than others to suffer these types of injuries, including employees who engage in heavy lifting. For these reasons, many of those who file workers’ compensation claims for shoulder injuries are employed in the construction, warehouse, or factory industries. Employees who work in awkward positions, such as roofers, plumbers, and construction workers are also prone to shoulder injuries, as are individuals who make repetitive motions with their wrists, hands, arms, and shoulders, including factory and construction workers, cashiers, painters, and manual laborers, all of whom could suffer from:

  • Torn rotator cuffs;
  • Shoulder dislocations;
  • Clavicle fractures;
  • Ligament injuries;
  • Shoulder impingement;
  • Shoulder fractures; or
  • Labral tears.

If you suffered a shoulder injury at work and have been unable to work for at least seven days, you could be entitled to benefits. Please call our office today to learn more.

Common Work-Related Knee Injuries

The knees are another part of the body that is prone to injury, especially amongst those who regularly engage in manual labor, have heavy lifting duties, or are at risk of falling. Falls in particular are notorious for causing damage to the bones, tendons, and ligaments. Chrondromalacia patellae, for instance, is a common result of falls, as it occurs when the cartilage that covers the kneecap is damaged after blunt trauma. This kind of injury is characterized by acute pain in the front of the knee, as well as swelling around the kneecap. Falls can also dislocate a person’s kneecap or cause serious fractures.

Other knee injuries, however, are not attributable to blunt force trauma, but are the result of repetitive movements, which can damage the cartilage, as can standing or walking on hard, concrete floors for many years. Like shoulder injuries, knee injuries sustained on the job are often compensable with both medical benefits, wage loss replacement, and in some cases, monetary compensation for permanent disability.

Were You Injured at Work?

Please call The Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. at 954-677-0155 to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney about filing a claim for your own workplace shoulder or knee injury.

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