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Can I File A Florida Workers’ Comp Claim Due To A Repetitive Stress Injury?

Does your job involve a lot of typing?  Have you experienced persistent pain, tingling in your hands, or even numbness in your arms or wrists?  If so, you may have experienced a Florida work injury due to the typing that is required for your job. It is important to seek medical treatment as soon as you experience any pain in your hands, arms, or wrists to determine if you have suffered from a repetitive strain injury.

Repetitive motion injuries is an injury of the nervous systems and musculoskeletal caused by repetitive tasks such as typing, data entry, keyboarding, using the computer mouse, or even factory work such as sewing or assembly line work. When your wrist is pressed against something hard or your arms and hands are constantly working in a repetitive motion, Florida work injuries may occur.

Repetitive stress injuries typically occur over a long period of time from the same type of work.  Symptoms of these injuries include inflammation, muscle strains, swelling, bruising, tissue damage, and pain. Some repetitive stress injuries include:

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome: This injury occurs when the median nerve is compressed on the underneath side of a wrist, caused from repetitive work motions.  When this happens, an injured worker may feel pain in their palms, thumbs, fingers, wrists and could even extend to their elbows.  The hand and thumb muscles typically get weak. A worker will have trouble grasping things with their hands or doing the same repetitive type of work.

  • Tendonitis: This injury is considered a gradual strain injury caused by repetitive motion. Injured workers may have pain and tenderness in their limbs, and a lack of mobility because of scarring and thickening of the surrounding tissues.

When a work injury happens, it can leave you in pain and unable to work. You may also need physical therapy and even surgery, resulting in time away from work and lost wages. After your work injury has been diagnosed, it is important that you file a Florida workers’ compensation claim immediately. You should also seek the legal advice of an experienced South Florida work injury lawyer to find out all your legal options.

If you have been diagnosed with a repetitive strain injury or repetitive stress work injury, contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155.

You may be entitled to benefits under Florida workers’ comp laws. An experienced Florida workers’ compensation attorney will be able to provide you with options, help you file your workers comp claim, and even appeal a denial.

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