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Injured On-The-Job in Florida? Find Out About Florida Workers’ Compensation

People get hurt on-the-job everyday in Florida and throughout the U.S. Unfortunately, work accidents can leave employees with injuries that could last a lifetime.  Other injuries may range from minor to severe, while others may lead to temporary or permanent disabilities.

Although employees of all industries may suffer from work injuries, there are several professions that are more prone to serious injuries. Some of the industries that are the most dangerous to work in include manufacturing, construction, maritime, agriculture, and transportation and public utilities. When one of these workers such as a construction worker gets hurt, they need to know their rights under Florida workers’ compensation laws.

What is Workers’ Compensation and How Does it Work?

Workers’ compensation is typically in place at most jobs. In fact, if your job duties require physical work, it is almost standard that the company provides workers’ compensation insurance to their employers. Companies pay an insurance company monthly premiums in exchange that the insurance company pays the injured employees when they are hurt on-the-job.

Employers use workers’ compensation to provide monetary benefits for employees who are injured at work.  It was established so that an employee who gets injured on-the-job would be prevented from filing a lawsuit against their employer for injuries, medical costs, lost wages due to time away from work, and more.

Some workers’ compensation cases are cut and dry with specific dollar amounts awarded; however, other cases are difficult and injured workers may need the assistance of a skilled Florida injury attorney on their side. If an employer does not believe the injury occurred at work or does not want to provide benefits, they may require a doctor to verify the injury.

Why You Would Need an Attorney

Your employer and their insurance company are not on your side, even if they seem friendly.  They will try to settle your claim for as little money as possible.  They are not in the business of giving out money, and they may do everything they can to minimize your claim.  You will need someone on your side who is looking out for you and who has your best interests in mind. Most of the time, the amount of money an injured worker would receive in a lawsuit is greater than the monetary compensation they would receive through workers’ comp.

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