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Broward County Burn Victims Eligible for Workers’ Compensation

Broward County burn injury victims have more than their fair share of work cut out for them. The healing process can be slow and painful.  It can take its toll physically, emotionally and financially.

It is practically impossible to predict if or when a burn accident will occur.  Educating yourself is essential on how you can respond if you ever become a burn victim within the workplace.

The number of adults getting burned within the workplace is on the rise. While employers are taking greater precautions by educating their staff and providing a safer working environment, burn accidents still happen.

Most Broward County burns that occur at work involve thermal burns from heat, fire, or hot liquids. Chemicals, radiation, sun light, and electrical burns are also contributing culprits. The medical treatment will depend on the type of burn you sustain.

Types of Burns

  • 1st Degree Burn:  Most common and minor burns occur in the first outer layer of skin, causing redness, swelling, and pain.

  • 2nd Degree Burn:  Burn to 1st and 2nd layer of skin producing blisters, intense redness, blotchiness, severe pain and swelling.

  • 3rd Degree Burn:   Burn to all layers; possibly fat, tissue, muscle, and bone. Dry and white or charred black. This burn involves scarring and severe limitations to function and ability to work.

If you are a burn victim in Broward County from a work-related injury, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Most cases involving injuries within the workplace are settled quickly without the opportunity for further recourse. It’s vital to receive legal advice from a Broward County workers’ comp attorney who specializes in the processing of workers’ compensation claims for burn victims.

Some people with burn injuries try to work, even when it’s beyond their best interest.  Many people don’t realize that workers’ compensation benefits are available to them. If you have sustained a burn injury within the workplace you may be eligible for workers’ compensation in Broward County.

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