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South Florida Drowning Accidents Occur in Portable Pools Too

When the weather starts heating up, many turn to cooling off in swimming pools. However, what if you don’t have a pool? Many people buy portable pools to leave in their backyards for the entire summer.

As all bodies of water and swimming pools are dangerous to small children and toddlers due to drowning accidents in Florida, portable pools are extremely dangerous. According to an article in the Journal of Pediatrics, portable pools that are inflatable pose significant risks to children under the age of five.

Dangers of Portable Pools and Florida Drowning Accidents

Because inflatable pools are not sturdy, the sides of the pool are collapsible. When children are playing near the water, they may trip and fall into the pool. Additionally, when children are playing in the water, they may slip and fall in the pool. These pools often sit out the entire summer unsecured, making children at high risk for becoming victim of a drowning accident in South Florida.

A drowning can happen with very little or no warning. A neighborhood child may have walked into the yard and fell into the pool. When a child is small, he or she can lose consciousness very quickly. All it takes is for the child to be submerged for four minutes for brain damage to take place. When this happens, children who suffer water asphyxiation may suffer permanent brain damage, respiratory damage, and heart arrhythmia among other serious health outcomes.

Children should be protected from preventable drowning accidents. If your child has suffered injuries or was killed in a swimming pool accident, including portable pool accidents, your family may have legal rights to file a premises liability claim in Florida.

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