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How Florida Marijuana Users Cause Car Crashes

Nobody stops to think as they are driving their vehicle, that there could be a marijuana user in Florida somewhere on the road. Have you ever really thought about the other driver that may have had one too many drinks, is drugged or stoned from marijuana or perhaps texting while driving?

A BMJ study recently reported that a person using marijuana nearly doubles the risk of being involved in a car crash.  All the vehicles and drivers involved in the study took place on a public road. The findings of marijuana were determined by blood samples or the user confessing to the use.

Researchers at Dalhousie University found that drivers who smoked marijuana within a three hour period and got behind the wheel had nearly double the risk of causing an accident and in many instances a fatality.

An innocent person on the road could very easily be the victim of a person driving that is stoned on marijuana in South Florida.

A car crash in South Florida from a person under the influence of marijuana can be serious and cause severe injuries or fatalities to another person or driver. This type of accident is pegged as a DUI offense in the state of Florida.

If a law officer at the scene of the car crash in South Florida suspects the driver has been using drugs, tests will be done.  If the party is found to have marijuana or any type of drug in their urine or blood, they may be arrested. Not only will the DUI charges be brought to the Florida court, but also a lawsuit will be pending from the injured party to claim damages.

It is important if you were the victim of a South Florida car accident that was from a drug user, to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. In South Florida, an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to get all the facts of the case and pursue justice not only for your claim, but to also help stop someone else from getting hurt from the drug abuser.

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