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When Should I See a Doctor After My Work Injury?


The severity of workplace injuries in South Florida can vary widely, and in many cases, workers do not realize that their injuries are as serious as they actually are. In other words, you may sustain a serious injury but not realize its severity until symptoms worsen. Accordingly, you might not immediately understand the need for a timely medical assessment. In other circumstances, it might be obvious that you have sustained a life-threatening injury, and emergency medical care may be required. Depending upon the actual and perceived severity of your injury, you might be wondering: when should I see a doctor after my work injury?

For example, you might wonder if it is acceptable to go home and rest before making a doctor’s appointment for a medical assessment. Or, for example, you may want to know if there is a specific amount of time—a defined time window—following an accident or the experience of symptoms in which you must see a health care provider. Our experienced Sunrise workers’ compensation attorney can provide you with additional information about medical care in workers’ compensation cases under Florida law.

You Should See a Doctor As Soon As Possible 

After a workplace accident occurs, or after symptoms of an occupational disease arise, you should see a doctor as soon as possible for a medical assessment. Delaying a visit to a health care provider could result in the symptoms worsening, which could lead to the insurance company attempting to deny your workers’ compensation claim. Under Florida law, the ideal order of events after an on-the-job injury is to report the injury to your employer as required by law, and then to see a doctor as soon as you can.

Your Doctor or Health Care Provider Must Be Approved 

While it is important to seek care from a medical provider as soon as possible, it is critical to know that the majority (or all) of your doctor’s appointments will need to be with a provider who has been approved by the workers’ compensation insurance company. To be sure, you cannot simply see your own primary care provider, or pick a doctor from your health insurance list. Rather, you will need to talk to your employer about identifying an appropriate approved doctor or other health care provider for your treatment.

Initial Emergency Visits Do Not Require You to See an Approved Provider 

There is one exception to the approved provider requirement: if your workplace injury requires emergency care, your initial emergency department visit does not need to be with an approved provider. For an initial, emergency visit, you should get the nearest and quickest care you can given your condition.

Contact Our Sunrise Workers’ Compensation Lawyers 

Suffering a serious injury on the job, or experiencing symptoms of a potentially serious occupational disease, can be extremely traumatic. It can be difficult to think clearly about the steps you need to take in order to be eligible to obtain workers’ compensation coverage, including medical benefits and wage-replacement payments. Our attorneys know that this is an incredibly difficult and complicated time, and we are here to help you seek the compensation you need. Do not hesitate to get in touch with an experienced Sunrise workers’ compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. to find out more about eligibility for workers’ compensation coverage and take the necessary steps to get the benefits you need.


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