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Executives and Workplace Injuries in South Florida


Executive positions exist at most larger businesses in South Florida, and there are different specific jobs that tend to fall under the category of the role of “executive.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), top executives have jobs in which they “plan strategies and policies to ensure that an organization meets its goals.” In addition, they are typically tasked with duties that require them to “coordinate and direct work activities of companies and organizations.” As you might realize, executives are not often engaged in job duties that require physical labor in any capacity. Yet just because a job is “white collar” or requires work that occurs mostly behind a computer or at a desk does not mean that the employee is safe from injuries on the job.

When executives get hurt at work, they may be eligible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. An experienced West Palm Beach workers’ compensation attorney at our firm can say more.

Duties of Executives and How Workplace Injuries Happen

 What do executives do, and how do they get hurt at work? According to the BLS, there are many different types of top executives in positions that include chief executive officers (CEOs), general managers, operations managers, and educational administrators like superintendents or university presidents. These executives routinely perform tasks like:

  • Establishing organization goals and policies;
  • Directing and overseeing budgets;
  • Managing general business or organizational activities;
  • Consulting with other executives and employees;
  • Negotiating contracts and other organizational agreements;
  • Appointing supervisors, department heads, managers, and other parties to specifical organization positions;
  • Analyzing reports and statements; and
  • Identifying potential issues concerning finances, employee performance, policies and regulations, benefits programs, and more.

How do executives tend to suffer work-related injuries? Injuries can be from repetitive stress (such as writing or typing), as a result of slips or trips and falls at work, as a result of accidents while traveling for business, and in some cases, exposure to hazardous substances in buildings.

Steps to Take for Executives to Seek Workers’ Compensation Coverage 

Sometimes executives have employers or bosses, and sometimes they are the highest figure in a company or organization. To determine the specific steps you should take to be eligible for workers’ compensation, you should talk to an attorney as soon as possible. In general, Florida law requires the following steps:

  • Report the injury within 30 days;
  • Seek emergency medical care if necessary; and
  • Obtain treatment (including ongoing treatment) from an approved provider.

Contact Our West Palm Beach Workers’ Compensation Attorneys 

Just like any other type of employee, executives can sustain work-related injuries. From injuries in slips and falls in the office to injuries sustained while traveling for business to occupational diseases due to repetitive motions, executives may experience temporary and permanent disability as a result of a work-related accident or experience. When an executive suffers an injury on the job or due to the nature of their work, it may be possible to get workers’ compensation coverage.

An experienced West Palm Beach workers’ compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. can talk with you today to learn more about your injuries and to guide you in seeking medical coverage and wage-replacement benefits.


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