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What Tops The List In Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics?

Motorcycle accidents are known for robbing the lives of hundreds of innocent victims every year. In fact, over 80% of all motorcycle accidents either result in serious injury or death. In order to better understand how to prevent motorcycle accidents, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the statistics. Research analysis of Florida’s 2010 Traffic Crash Statistic Report and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals astonishing findings that may impact the way you drive.

5 W’s of Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Who is involved in motorcycle accidents?

1.    Males: 97% of fatal motorcycle accidents are males
2.    Age 20-24 and 50-54: Driver age of most motorcycle fatalities
3.    Motorcyclists: 30 times more likely than car drivers to have fatal accidents
4.    Injured: 6, 686 Florida motorcyclists were injured in motorcycle accidents
5.    Killed: 350 Florida motorcyclists were killed in a motorcycle accident
6.    No License: 25% do NOT have valid driver’s licenses

What are the most common motorcycle injuries?

1.    Road Rash-often requiring skin grafting, scarring, and lengthy hospital stays
2.    Disfigurement-facial scarring, teeth damage, intense pain, plastic surgery
3.    Fractures-very common, causing nerve and tendon damage
4.    Spinal Cord-causing partial or complete paralysis
5.    Head Trauma-concussion and brain injury that may be fatal

When do most motorcycle accidents and fatalities occur?

1.    Daylight-Most motorcycle accident injuries
2.    Dark-Most motorcycle accident fatalities
3.    All holidays-Highest fatalities on Labor Day
4.    March and October-Most motorcycle accidents and fatalities
5.    School year on Friday during 5pm rush hour & Sunday after 8pm during summer

Where do most Florida motorcycle fatalities occur?

1.    Miami Dade County
2.    Pinellas County
3.    Volusia County
4.    Palm Beach County
5.    Hillsborough County
6.    Broward County
7.    Orange County

Why do most motorcycle accidents occur?

1.    Auto driver inattentive to motorcycle
2.    DUI, driving under influence of alcohol
3.    Lack of motorcycle experience
4.    Speeding by motorcyclist or motorist
5.    Hazardous road conditions

Get Help!

Broward County motorcyclists pay a high price for their freedom, often resulting in serious injury, such as paralysis and head trauma or death. Because motorcycles don’t provide the safety and security of seat belts, air bags, insulation, and structure of an automobile, they are incredibly vulnerable to mistakes made by other drivers. People are used to blaming motorcyclists, but in actuality, more than 2/3 of Florida motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers of other vehicles.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident in South Florida and sustained a serious injury of any type, it is important to talk with an experienced South Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney to ensure you get the compensation you desperately need and deserve.

Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld to find out what your legal rights are and how to receive help. Call: 954-677-0155 to meet with a skilled motorcycle accident attorney.

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