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Bed Rail Injuries & Fatalities Occur From Nursing Home Negligence In Florida

Our elderly relatives are often placed in nursing homes when they need constant care and supervision. We trust that nursing homes will care for our frail and older loved ones when they are unable to do so themselves. Sometimes, however, nursing homes don’t provide the care and attention that is needed to prevent patients from suffering injuries and fatalities.

For example, many nursing homes use bed rails to help patients stay in bed. While these devices may be intended to help protect patients from falling out of bed, they can also cause serious harm. In fact, bed rails have been linked to suffocation and death.

How Does This Occur?

When nursing home patients are confused, frail, and need help getting up, bed rails can be dangerous. If they turn over and can’t get themselves back up, they may get stuck between the mattress and the bed rail and suffocate.

Why Is This the Nursing Home’s Fault?

Sometimes nursing homes don’t use the proper bed frames with bed rails, which causes too large of a gap between the mattress and bed rail—a large gap that could cause a patient to become stuck. When the bed frame and bed rails don’t match up correctly and the rails aren’t flush, the nursing home could be liable for the death of a nursing home patient.

Additionally, sometimes bed rails are not installed by nursing homes properly, which can increase a patient’s risk of suffering harm. Also, if nursing home staff doesn’t check on their patients regularly, they basically allow elderly patients to get trapped in their bed rails and suffer injuries or fatalities due to nursing home negligence in Florida.

Nursing Home Safety

When nursing homes use bed rails improperly, don’t set them up correctly, and don’t monitor their patients regularly, patients can become entrapped and suffer needlessly. Nursing homes are supposed to be safe places where our loved ones can live out the rest of their days peacefully and not have to suffer injuries or fatalities due to someone’s negligence.

Because injuries and fatalities have occurred over the years due to bed rails, nursing homes are aware of the potential dangers with bed rails but often use them anyways. If you believe your loved one was injured or killed as a result of dangerous bed rails and nursing home negligence, you need to learn about your rights to holding the nursing home accountable.

Contact an experienced nursing home attorney in Fort Lauderdale for help pursuing a case against the nursing home. Call the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155 to learn about your rights.

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