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Victims Suffer More than Burn Injuries in a Truck Accident in Florida

One of the worst outcomes of being in a collision is a car fire. While any injury is traumatic, burn injuries are absolutely horrific. Unfortunately, those in smaller vehicles hit by commercial trucks are more likely to be injured in car fires due to the sheer force of impact caused by large trucks.

Sometimes a car can erupt in flames due to the position of impact. For example, a truck may have smashed right into the fuel tank causing it to rupture and start a fire. Additionally, if the truck crash was a head-on collision, the engine could have been damaged and caught fire. However, sometimes vehicle fires are the cause of a defect in manufacturing or design. Whatever the cause of the car fire, one thing is for certain: burn injuries cause physical injuries as well as emotional and financial injuries.

Physical Injuries

It is not uncommon for victims of vehicle fires to suffer burns to the majority of their bodies. Sadly, when people suffer from burns, they will often live with scarring, nerve damage, pain, and disfigurement. As a result, many victims of car fires are not able to do the things they once loved or even work again due to their physical injuries.

Emotional Injuries

When people suffer severe burns to the majority of their bodies, they see themselves differently. Sadly, burn injuries cause psychological trauma. Unfortunately, victims of car fires often feel ugly and unattractive, which can do a number on their self confidence. As a result, they often suffer deep emotional injuries and allow their new reality to impact their personal relationships and overall life.

Financial Injuries

When serious burns affect people from working and making a living, they are impacted financially for life. Also, those who have suffered burns to their bodies often need emergency surgery and plastic surgery, which can be very expensive. When the result of a burn injury causes someone to lose income, that victim should pursue justice to the fullest to collect maximum compensation from the party responsible.

If you or a loved one suffered burns in a truck accident in Florida, you need to speak with a skilled personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 866-9 HELP NOW or 866-943-5766 to get your questions answered and to learn about your rights to a financial recovery.

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