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Challenges Older Drivers Have that Contribute to Auto Accidents in South Florida

Because Florida has a large retirement population, there are many elderly drivers on the road. While many older drivers are perfectly fit to drive safely, there are some who should give up their car keys for their safety and the safety of others sharing the road with them.

While many older drivers already know their limitations and avoid driving at night due to their failing eye sight or on the highway at high speeds because of their slower reactions, many elderly drivers don’t realize that an average city street presents just as many challenges.

According to new report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), intersections present many challenges for elderly drivers, especially those over the age of 70. For example, older drivers may fail to navigate an intersection safely for the following reasons:

  • Look but not always see a car or motorcycle due to inadequate surveillance
  • Misjudge the space gap between cars or misjudge how fast a car is going
  • Fail to obey traffic rules and controls
  • Suffer a medical event
  • Daydream

While older drivers have a higher risk for being in an accident for every mile driven than middle-age drivers, the fatality rate among drivers over 75 has improved, according to IIHS. The latest research reveals that older drivers are surviving side impacts more than ever before, which is probably due to better safety technology in cars such as side airbags.

While this drop in accident-related deaths among drivers 75 and older is good news, older drivers still need to be aware of their limitations to prevent a needless car crash involving injuries or fatalities.

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