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Types Of Eye Injuries On-The-Job In Florida

Eye injuries are a reality facing many workers and can include minor or major trauma to the eyeball and surrounding area. When an eye injury at work occurs, it is a major concern because vision is likely essential to continue working and performing the job one was previously doing prior to the eye injury.

How Does an Eye Injury Occur?

Many workers are commonly exposed to dirt, sawdust, debris, metal particles, wood chips, splinters, and even cleaning agents. When anyone of those elements gets into an eye, it can cause an eye injury to occur. While some workplace eye injuries in Florida are minor, some are related to traumatic injuries and permanent disabilities and deformities.

Common Work-Related Eye Injuries Include:

  • Surface wounds – these injuries involve foreign bodies such as splinters, which cause eye injuries.

  • Abrasions and scratches – these injuries to the eye involve sharp objects coming in contact with the cornea.

  • Struck by a flying object – when a piece of material separates from a tool and is thrown, a nail is propelled from a nail gun, or wood chips are hurled, an eye injury can occur.

  • Chemical burns – many industries use a variety of chemicals daily. If a workers’ eye comes in contact with chemicals, it can be dangerous.

  • Welder’s flash – injuries caused by a flash burn or bright ultraviolet light can cause infection or vision loss. This can occur when a worker is exposed to the direct light of a welding torch.

If any one of these types of eye injuries occurs at work, there is the potential for blindness, infection and other eye injuries. If you were injured in a work-related accident by a flying object, foreign bodies, or other cause, you may be entitled to Florida workers’ compensation benefits.

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