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Psychological Problems: How To Qualify For Social Security Benefits

Broward County residents who have been diagnosed with a severe mental disorder face multiple obstacles.

First of all, they are forced to deal with a psychological condition that is beyond their control, and certainly not for their asking. Secondly, if a mental disorder is quite severe, an individual may eventually struggle to hold down a job. Despite following their medical and therapeutic regime, certain mental impairments make it entirely impossible for those with psychological problems to secure employment.

How to Win!

Having the diagnosis for a mental impairment does not suffice for Social Security benefits in South Florida. And the SSA (Social Security Administration) is thought by many to be intensely scrupulous and downright unfair to those trying to prove their case due to psychological disorders.

For this reason, below are suggestions beyond the rhetoric that you will find essential to filing a successful case. As you will see, the process is less than simple. Anyone diagnosed with a severe mental disorder would be well advised to pair themselves under the expert counsel of an experienced Broward County Social Security Disability Attorney who specializes in mental disorders.

  1. Excellent Medical Treatment Logs – Medical professionals must provide detailed notes proving that the individual has adhered to consistent medical advisement.

  2. Psychiatric Treatment Records – Taking medication will not suffice. You must show proof of continual psychiatric treatment, which necessitate the inability to work.

  3. Take your Medication – If the SSA sees that meds have been prescribed, but not properly taken, then they will deduce that the claimant has room for improvement.

  4. Time Counts – An individual’s mental impairment must be severe for at least 12 months, while adhering to a medical treatment plan.

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