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Theme Park Injuries In South Florida

It might seem like a theme park would be one of the most fun places to work ever. You get to hang out with families all day and basically enjoy the place of your childhood dreams. However, recently, the US Department of Labor has found that lots and lots of employee injuries are coming out of these theme parks. Because so much is going on, many people are being hurt due to negligence and unsafe working conditions.

Recently, several injuries and some fatalities at SeaWorld Orlando and Disney World have caused the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to place these theme parks on notice so that they will hopefully clean up some of their problems. The Sun Sentinel recently ran a story on these accidents, noting that many theme parks don’t place the safety of their workers ahead of other concerns, making risky working conditions even riskier.

Despite being fined several thousand dollars by OSHA, both Disney and SeaWorld refuse to acknowledge that their working conditions are less than safe.  These large corporations will do everything they can to avoid paying out in cases like these, and they also want to avoid the bad press of bad working conditions.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job at one of these major theme parks or even a smaller operation, you will probably need a good attorney on your side to help you navigate the process of getting the Workmen’s Compensation that you deserve. Many companies will balk and will refuse to file your claim. If this is the case in your injury or even wrongful death case, then you need to consult with a Ft. Lauderdale attorney who can help you get the money you need to feed your family and to keep your life going after an accident or injury.

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