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The Reality Of Struck-By Vehicle Accidents On Florida Work Sites

Did you know that one in four fatalities involving a person struck by a vehicle is a construction worker? It’s true, according to OSHA. In fact, these types of deadly work accidents involve construction workers—more than any other occupation.

Sadly, struck-by accidents are preventable. However, they often occur when workers or construction companies aren’t complying with safety standards. When construction workers who operate cranes, aerial lifts, trucks, and other heavy equipment cut corners or haven’t been trained properly, an innocent construction worker might be struck by such equipment. Additionally, many struck-by vehicle accidents on Florida work sites occur when employers aren’t following vehicle-related standards.

Because there is a lot of chaos on construction sites, involving loud machines and equipment and people working on their own tasks and not always together as a team, it is an environment that often leaves construction workers at risk for suffering injuries.

If a co-worker wasn’t following safety standards or if an employer cut corners and you were injured in a struck-by accident, you might be entitled to more than workers’ compensation benefits in Florida. In fact, you may want to learn about your rights to a personal injury lawsuit in addition to your workers’ comp benefits.

To learn about your rights under the law, contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. You can reach the Law Office of David Benenfeld today for a free consultation at 954-677-0155.

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