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How Fires Occur In Wheelchairs Leading To Fatal Injuries In Florida

Motorized wheelchairs are wonderful for people who cannot walk or get around on their own. They help make the impossible possible for many people; however, some electric wheelchairs have caught on fire and caused fatal injuries. Unfortunately, no motorized wheelchair is ever completely safe because things can go wrong.

Some wheelchairs that have been determined to be defective or had defective parts on them include:

  • Traditional electric wheelchairs
  • Powered wheelchairs for children
  • Aluminum or titanium lightweight powered wheelchairs

When a wheelchair is adapted for motorized use, a system is installed on the device that includes a battery, motor, and other working parts. Unfortunately, certain parts on power wheelchairs can be defective. Some of the things that can go wrong and cause a fire include:

  • Battery wiring harness can short circuit
  • Other electrical shorts can occur
  • The wrong battery could be installed
  • The motor can overheat
  • Flaws in design or manufacturing

When wheelchairs are not constructed properly, corners are cut, or negligence occurs when constructing a power wheelchair, an innocent victim is put at risk for suffering needlessly. Sadly, defective wheelchairs can cause fatal injuries. When this occurs, manufacturers need to be held accountable for their negligence. Manufacturers have a duty to the public to make safe products. When they fail to do so and their products cause someone an injury, especially a fatal injury, the manufacturer can be held accountable in a wrongful death claim in Florida.

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