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6 Signs of a Good Personal Injury Advocate

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Personal Injury Lawyers Serving the Ft. Lauderdale, Sunrise and West Palm Beach Areas of Florida

Currently, there are over 74,000 attorneys actively practicing in the state of Florida. Each attorney varies in commitment, skill, and experience. Some are more zealous, while others are cautious. The practice of law, unlike other specialties, does not have the mandatory internship, residency requirements, or state certifications. However, an attorney must register with the Florida State Bar Association.

While anyone licensed and registered can practice law, not all attorneys offer the same opportunities in a personal injury case.

After a serious injury, you need a lawyer that is experienced, savvy, and ready to fight for your rights to compensation. So, when looking for an advocate, be sure to watch out for the positive indicators.

A Firm Knowledge of Florida Statutes

Personal injury laws are evolving documents. They regularly change, and one small Supreme Court ruling can completely change how cases are handled in the future. An attorney that stays up to date on case law, Supreme Court decisions, and is active in the bar association is a good starting point. This attorney will routinely attend continuing education seminars, review the statutes, and have a solid working knowledge of personal injury requirements.

Medical Knowledge

Your injury attorney is representing you based on your injuries; therefore, they not only must know the law, but medical information too. Your attorney cannot give you medical advice, but they must be able to interpret doctor’s notes, coordinate with medical teams, and know about the prognosis, diagnostic treatments, and the estimated costs of future medical treatments.

Adequate Personal Injury Case Experience

Most lawyers dabble here and there in the law. Diversifying a practice is never a bad thing, but when looking for an advocate, ensure they have enough experience in personal injury cases to represent you. More so, inquire about what types of personal injury cases they typically handle. After all, a motor vehicle injury case is nothing like a malpractice claim.

Honesty and Trust

When your attorney has a discussion with you, you should trust them. They should be honest and avoid flattery and false promises. An attorney that guarantees an outcome is a red flag. A good lawyer gives you realistic expectations with your case, and never promises any such outcomes.

Commitment to Your Best Interests

Your best interests should be the top priority of any personal injury advocate you hire. After all, they work as your “advocate,” so an attorney cannot put his or her interests above yours. Your attorney should truly care about the outcome of your case, which inspires them to represent you in negotiations and court zealously.

Respect by His or Her Peers

An attorney with peer respect is necessary. That means others in the same field know and appreciate your lawyer’s experience and knowledge of the law. Look for accreditations, awards, and accomplishments.

For example, an attorney could be a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Florida Workers’ Advocates organization, and have high ratings on websites like AVVO.

Hire a South Florida Personal Injury Advocate for Your Injuries

After a serious accident, do not pick just any attorney. Instead, make your first consultation with Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld P.A As a Client’s Choice winner from AVVO and a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, he aggressively represents his clients and does not rest until they receive proper compensation for their injuries.

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