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What Every Florida Motorcycle Rider Needs to Know

motorcycle rider holding a helmet

It does not matter if you have been riding bikes for years or you are new to the game, if you are on the road with vehicles, it is imperative that you stay safe out there. Riders are not seen by most drivers, and when they are, it can be too late.

Only you can protect yourself out there on the road. To do that, you need extra preparation.

Take a Motorcycle Riding Course

Even if you have your rider’s license, taking a rider training program or refresher course might make a difference today. These courses are designed to cover the skills necessary for safe riding, but also teach you defensive techniques so that you can avoid an accident on the road.

Wear the Proper Riding Attire

You need to wear the right equipment while you are riding if you want to avoid serious injury. For starters, you must wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet could be the difference between a minor concussion and a serious traumatic brain injury or death.

Never Buy More Bike than Necessary

If you have not ridden in a while or you are new to riding, you might be surprised at how powerful motorcycles are today. They are stronger and much more powerful than even a few years ago. Therefore, only buy as much bike as necessary and what you can handle. Start with a bike that fits your body type and do not concern yourself as much with having the biggest and most expensive.

Practice and Hone Your Skills

You should always practice riding.  There is nothing wrong with finding a riding course in your area to brush up on your skills. If you purchase a new bike, take it to a local course to practice before hitting the open road with that bike. Understanding exactly how your motorcycle handles in certain situations could save your life one day.

Always Ride Defense, Never Aggressive

You are on the road with vehicles. While vehicles have the luxury of airbags and all four sides of a vehicle surrounding them, you are a victim to the elements. Therefore, you need to always be defensive and never aggressive. Motorists are aggressive at times, and they rarely look out for motorcycles. Therefore, by being a defensive driver, you can reduce the chances you will be in an accident. That includes being cautious about changing lanes, signaling, and making eye contact with drivers.

What if You are in a Motorcycle Accident?

If you are involved in a serious motorcycle or motor vehicle accident, the injuries could be catastrophic. Not only are they more severe, but they could permanently affect you. Therefore, you need an attorney to help you with the compounding medical costs, time away from work, and the overall impact that injury has on the rest of your life.

For your serious motorcycle accident, contact The Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld P.A.

As Florida’s most respected law firm, we always fight hard for our clients so that they can receive the maximum compensation they deserve. Schedule your free consultation now at 954-677-0155 or request more information online.

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