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New Article On Slip & Fall Prevention Tips For Winter

We recently added an article to our library on slip and fall accidents and winter safety tips.

Tips for Avoiding Slip & Fall Accidents in the Winter

Some slip and fall accidents are more serious than others, with winter conditions often increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. While you cannot always avoid a slip, trip, or fall, certain precautions should help reduce your risk of becoming involved or injured in a slip or fall accident. Whether you and your family take part in day-to-day or special activities this winter, keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • -clean any spills or wet surfaces, and report them if you see them at a public place
  • -avoid walking in areas that are not well lit (failure to see water on the floor or ground can be dangerous)
  • -do not run or jump on slick surfaces
  • -take small steps and walk slowly, especially on slippery surfaces
  • -wear appropriate foot gear (specifically, boots or shoes with traction, especially if you’ll be walking on ice or snow)
  • -if possible, avoid walking on slippery surfaces altogether
  • -use any handrails available
  • -keep your hands free to help balance yourself or break your fall
  • -always use a door mat before walking indoors, keeping your shoes as dry as possible
  • -avoid carrying heavy objects when walking on ice or other slick surfaces
  • -take a small step with the front of your foot to test how slippery the ground is before walking across a potentially slick surface
  • -assist the elderly when surfaces are wet or slippery (they are more prone to injury, so protecting them from slipping is crucial)
  • -if you are elderly, use a cane or walker (or ask for help) when setting foot on a slick surface.

Slip and fall accidents are not to be taken lightly. If you do fall, make sure that you check yourself for injuries and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If you hit your head, receive a proper medical examination to determine if you have a concussion. While some people fall without receiving a scratch, bruise, or bump, others suffer serious or even fatal injuries in slip and fall accidents. For more information about liability or how to receive the best medical care for your injury, feel free to contact Broward, Dade, & Palm Beach County premises liability lawyer David Benenfeld. He will provide helpful resources and answer your questions for free concerning your unique situation.

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