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How To File Slip And Fall Claims In Florida

ImageWhile shopping at your local grocer, you lose your footing because of a puddle of water in the produce department. After a trip to the emergency room, you’re now facing months of physical therapy, a mailbox full of medical bills, and a store manager who won’t return your phone calls. It’s time to take action and contact an attorney.

  • Under Florida premises liability law, a business must keep their property in safe condition for customers and all problems and maintenance issues dealt with in a timely manner. Negligence occurs when the concern isn’t handled and someone is injured as a result.

  • When an unfortunate incident occurs, the injured party has the right to sue and these three things will need to be proven: 1. When the business is open, they have a duty to ensure the property is safe. 2. Reasonable care and/or maintenance was not taken in maintaining the property. 3. Due to this lack of attention, injuries occurred.

  •  It is difficult to determine who actually needs to be included in the lawsuit. Is it the business itself, the owner of the building, or the corporation who owns the shopping center? Due to the language of slip and fall claims under Florida law, it is imperative that all possible defendants are included in the suit.

There is a four year statute of limitations on slip and fall claims in Florida. If you have been hurt and believe you have a slip and fall claim, don’t delay. Please contact the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld P.A and let’s talk. We can assist in getting you reimbursement for your pain and suffering.

Image Source: Injury Law Service

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