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Understanding Repetitive Stress Neck Injuries In Florida

You may go to work every day and perform the same tasks. Although you might not be thinking about it at the time, moving your body in the same way and performing the same duties daily can lead to a neck injury over time. When this occurs, it is considered a repetitive stress injury.

Repetitive stress neck injuries are common types of injuries that workers in Florida suffer from. From an office employee who holds the phone for long periods of time every day to a warehouse worker who lifts heavy items, each worker can suffer a neck injury over time as a result of their normal work duties.

For example, a worker who sits at a computer all day and types and answers phones may be at risk for repetitive stress injuries, especially if his or her work environment isn’t set up ergonomically. This is why office workers should be provided with hands-free phone devices so they do not have to hold the phone and kink or strain their necks to talk on the phone.

Other workers who use the same muscles and ligaments in their necks as a result of constantly lifting objects or pushing or pulling things may also suffer this type of work-related neck injury. Repetitive stress motions can cause serious damages and injuries to workers over time. Unfortunately, many workers don’t know they are injuring themselves because repetitive stress injuries can take a long time to develop.

Workers who suffer from repetitive stress neck injuries are eventually unable to perform their job duties due to the pain, numbness and weakness occurring in their necks, shoulders, and backs. Because these Florida work-related injuries are serious, you should seek medical attention as soon as you feel any discomfort in your neck, back, or shoulders.

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