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How Effective is a Helmet in a Motorcycle Accident in Florida?

Collisions involving motorcycles happen each and every day. Unfortunately, so do the serious injuries following those crashes. Some of the most serious injuries motorcyclists suffer are brain and head injuries. Sadly, these types of injuries can be life-changing, resulting in debilitating injuries or fatalities.

Because wearing a motorcycle helmet is optional in Florida, many motorcyclists ride around town every day without their helmets. While it is their right under the law to do so—provided they are the proper age and carry enough insurance—it is important that motorcycle operators who ride without helmets know just how effective a helmet can be in a motorcycle accident in Florida.

According to numerous studies, motorcycle helmets dramatically reduce head trauma and traumatic brain injuries, which are very serious injuries that occur in motorcycle crashes. Unfortunately, many people still believe that helmets will cause riders to suffer spinal cord injuries in the event of an accident. This is not the case. Also, many riders believe helmets will interfere with their vision and hearing, which is why they choose not to wear them.
Here are three reasons motorcyclists should wear helmets:

  • Motorcycle operators have a better chance of surviving a collision when wearing a helmet compared to riders without helmets.

  • Motorcycle helmets may muffle the roadway noises a bit, but studies indicate that helmet use does not impede motorcyclists’ ability to detect traffic sounds.

  • Motorcycle helmets don’t affect a rider’s entire field of view; however, they can reduce a rider’s peripheral vision—making a rider turn his head farther when changing lanes. However, the fact that helmets greatly reduce injuries far outweighs the inconvenience of riders having to turn their heads more.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle helmets may affect a rider’s hearing and vision, but it is very minor. However, the effectiveness of motorcycle helmets on saving lives is major.

We recently wrote an article and blog highlighting brain injuries and the effects of such injuries on motorcyclists, and we encourage you to read that information as well.

If someone caused you to crash, whether you did or didn’t wear a helmet while riding in Florida, you may have a personal injury claim. To learn more about your rights to a financial recovery, contact the Law Office of David Benenfeld to speak with a knowledgeable South Florida injury attorney in a free case consultation today at 866-9 HELP NOW or 866-943-5766.

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