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Benefits Under SSDI

Social Security Disability Insurance is designed to replace your income when you have a disability meeting the Social Security definition of “disabled.” When you are able to work, part of your paycheck is taken to fund the Federal insurance Contributions Act (FICA). These taxes are used to fund the Social Security Disability Insurance fund.

When Will I Receive Payments?

Your monthly disability benefit is based on the amount of your personal Social Security earnings record. You are not eligible to begin receiving monthly SSDI benefits until five months after Social Security has determined the onset of your disability. This determination can be retroactively made to the date of your injury or Social Security could determine that your disability did not fully develop until after your initial injury.

Payments are made “in arrears,” meaning that you will receive your payment one month later than the payment is for. So, for example, you will receive your payment for the month of June in the beginning of July.

How Are My Payments Determined?

Your monthly benefit amount is based on your lifetime average earnings. Each year, cost-of-living modifications and increases are made to the amount of your payment. However, the SSDI payment is reduced by Workers’ Compensation payments and any other public disability benefits payments you are receiving.

How Long Do Benefits Continue?

Your benefit payments will continue for as long as you are disabled and meet the work and other eligibility requirements. If you are still eligible for benefits when you reach the full retirement age, your disability payments are automatically converted into retirement benefits.

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