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Brain Tumor Victims May Be Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits In Florida

There are many employees and residents of South Florida who have brain tumors and are eligible to receive disability benefits. The Social Security Administration evaluates both malignant and benign brain tumors to determine the severity of the disability and the duration of the impairment based on the signs, symptoms and laboratory results.

What evidence is critical for brain tumor disability benefits?

In order to be evaluated for disability benefits under a Florida Social Security disability claim, you would need to provide evidence that identifies the site of the tumor or show how the tumor cells have spread by lymph, blood or other body fluids.

This can be done by operative procedures, such as a needle aspiration or a biopsy. Evidence of the tests could include laboratory tests results, a pathology report, an operative note, or a summary of your medical records. This information typically details information about the brain tumor and what was found during surgery.

Once Social Security receives this information, they may want to know if the tumor will respond to therapy or its malignancy progression. Depending upon the findings they receive, they may request additional evidence.

For example, tumors that have metastasized further than the regional lymph nodes typically meet the requirements for South Florida disability benefits. When tumors are believed to respond to antineoplastic therapy, evidence of a three month therapy period will be reviewed to see your response to the initial therapy. If the treatment fails, it will generally fail within six months of when the therapy began. If this happens, your treatment regimen will change.

Therapy and evaluations include:

  • Medicine administered
  • Dosage given
  • Frequency of drugs administered
  • Plans for ongoing medicine
  • Extent of surgery

Social Security will also look at the effects of therapy on your body. They will request documentation about any gastrointestinal symptoms, any weakness that persists, and cardiovascular and neurological complications. If your tumor is considered severe enough to prevent you from working or doing any gainful activity, the Social Security Administration will determine your impairment level and benefit amount.

To file a disability claim for a brain tumor, much paperwork and time are required. If the paperwork is not filled out correctly or if the proper evidence isn’t accompanying the paperwork, your claim can be delayed or denied. For best results, call a knowledgeable disability lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to help you at the Law Offices of David Benenfeld. Call 954-677-0155. You will receive a free legal consultation just by calling today.

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