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Workplace Hip Injuries


Hip injuries at workplaces in South Florida can be debilitating, and they can result in many lost workdays. For employees whose jobs require standing, moving, lifting, and other tasks involving the hip, a hip injury or hip disease can be particularly painful and disabling. If your hip injury or disorder arose out of your job, you could be eligible to seek workers’ compensation benefits. From hip fractures that occur in workplace slips and falls to occupational diseases affecting the hip, one of the experienced Sunrise workers’ compensation lawyers at our firm can provide you with more information about seeking the compensation you need.

Understanding Hip Injuries and Disorders

 There are many different kinds of hip injuries and disorders that happen at various job sites. Whether your work requires you to do a significant amount of heavy lifting or to stay on your feet for many hours, or you regularly sit behind a desk, you could suffer a hip injury or develop a hip disorder as a result of your job. According to MedlinePlus, the most common types of hip injuries and disorders include the following:

  • Hip strains;
  • Bursitis;
  • Hip tears;
  • Hip dislocations;
  • Hip fractures;
  • Osteoarthritis; and
  • Hip dysplasia.

Different parts of the hip can be injured, or overuse can result in varying disorders. As MedlinePlus explains, “your hip is the joint where your femur (thigh bone) meets your pelvis (hip bone),” and there are two primary parts of the hip that include “a ball at the end of the femur, which fits in a socket in the pelvis.” Both injuries and overuse can result in serious hip injuries and disorders. Depending upon the type of hip injury you have sustained on the job, you may require hip rehabilitation exercises, surgery for a fracture, or even a hip replacement.

Common Causes of Hip Injuries on the Job 

How do hip injuries happen on the job? There are various ways in which both traumatic hip injuries like fractures and overuse disorders can occur, including but not limited to the following:

  • Slip and fall;
  • Fall from heights;
  • Lifting heavy objects;
  • Bending and squatting;
  • Work tasks that require climbing or crawling;
  • Jobs requiring repetitive twisting or pivoting motions; and
  • Standing on your feet for extended periods of time.

Almost any type of job can put employees at risk of an accident in which a hip injury occurs, while some industries are more likely than others to require workers to engage in repetitive motions that could lead to occupational hip disorders. Common jobs where employees sustain hip injuries include, for example:

  • Health care professions;
  • Construction work, including trenching and excavation;
  • Retail jobs;
  • Restaurant and service industry jobs;
  • Manufacturing roles; and
  • Landscaping.

Seek Advice from a Sunrise Workers’ Compensation Attorney 

Did you recently sustain a hip injury on the job? You could be eligible to seek workers’ compensation benefits, and one of the experienced Sunrise workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. can assist you. We can speak with you today about the process for filing a workers’ compensation claim under Florida law.


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