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Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Florida Apply To Hand Injuries Too

Almost every job in Florida involves our hands. Working with our wrists and hands are basically a part of any job as our hands play an important role in our work activities. Unfortunately, injuries to the hands and wrists are common occurrences in almost all types of work environments.

Our hands, wrists, and fingers are made up of nerves, muscles, tendons and bones that are all subject to suffering in the event of a work-related accident. Whether an office worker suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, an automobile assembler develops a gradual hand injury, or a machinist suffers a traumatic amputation injury, all types of work injuries qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in Florida.

Although the potential for work-related hand injuries are part of almost every job, the workers who are most likely to suffer from hand-related work injuries are in the following professions:

  • Carpenters
  • Office data entry workers
  • Food processors
  • Automobile assemblers
  • Electronics assemblers
  • Garment workers
  • Cashiers

The reason these types of workers have a higher rate of hand injuries is because they are more likely to suffer from disorders to the hand as a result of doing the same type of work and repeating the same motions over and over again. When hands and wrists are constantly bending, twisting, and repeating the same movements, a work injury can develop gradually over time. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome develops after tendons in the wrist become inflamed and swollen and start pressing on the median nerve. Although carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common repetitive movement injury, it isn’t the only type of hand and wrist injury that occurs as a result of recurring movements.

Other types of hand, wrist and finger conditions that develop from performing certain jobs over time include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis – an inflammatory condition caused by grasping or various other workplace tasks can aggravate the condition

  • Tendinitis – an inflammation or irritation of a tendon that can include those in the thumb, fingers, or elbows

  • de Quervain’s Disease – a painful inflammation of tendons in the thumb that extends into the lower arm

  • Tenosynovitis – a type of tendon injury caused by inflammation of the fluid-filled sheath that surrounds the tendon

  • Trigger Finger – a disorder caused by gripping an object firmly that causes the finger flexor tendon to lock in place and then snap or pop back into place

  • Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome – an injury to the fingers, hand, or arm caused by vibrating tools or machinery

These types of injuries are very real and affect many types of workers from construction workers to dental professionals. Any type of worker who suffers any hand or arm injury should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. To learn more about your rights, contact a skilled Broward County workers’ compensation lawyer today at the Law Office of David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155 for a free consultation. You can also request a free copy of our book Hurt on the Job: What Are My Rights?

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