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Workers’ Compensation And Foot Injuries


Foot injuries and foot problems occur in many kinds of jobs, from those that require workers to be on their feet for extended periods of time to those that put workers at risk of struck-by injuries that result in bone fractures. Uneven flooring, or certain required footwear, can result in occupational diseases or foot conditions over time, while accidents can lead to devastating foot injuries. In Florida in particular, construction workers, landscapers, and other employees who use hazardous tools and machinery can be at risk of amputation injuries affecting their toes and feet, and ultimately mobility.

If you sustained a foot injury at work, it is important to get in touch with a Pompano Beach workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you to seek financial compensation for your losses, including coverage for your medical bills and payments for your lost wages. In the meantime, the following information can help you to learn more about foot injuries on the job.

Getting the Facts About Foot Injuries 

How do jobs result in foot injury hazards? An article from EHS Today emphasizes that most jobs require workers to “lift, move, and work with heavy objects” or to stand “for long periods of time.” Even workers who are not required to work with heavy objects can sustain foot injuries as a result of required dress codes, slips and falls on the job, or uneven flooring in the office. As the article underscores, “when all of these factors are coupled, it can result in potentially fatal injuries that start with the feet and work their way up the body, affecting knees, hips, and backs.” Indeed, foot injuries can ultimately result in long-term and permanent disabilities that can limit a worker’s ability to perform any job. Employers should be aware of the ways in which foot injuries occur in accidents and over time, and they should take precautions to reduce an employee’s risk of injuries.

Types of Foot Injuries Occur at Work 

Foot injuries can vary widely, and they can happen in almost any type of job. According to HealthGrades, the following are among the most commonly reported types of foot injuries or conditions:

  • Neuromas, which may result from shoes that are too tight and often result in tingling, pain, and numbness;
  • Stress fractures, which often result from extended time standing or doing activities on your feet;
  • Plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the fascia and frequently happens in jobs that require workers to walk or stand on hard surfaces;
  • Heel spurs, which can cause additional pain in workers with plantar fasciitis;
  • Bunions, which often result from poorly fitting shoes;
  • Sesamoiditis which results from strain on the ball of a person’s foot;
  • Achilles tendinitis, which results in the tendon becoming thick and inflamed; and
  • Sprains, which can result from falls, slips, and trips.

Bone fractures also commonly result in serious and debilitating foot injuries on the job when a heavy object falls on or strikes a worker’s foot, or when a worker suffers a slip and fall or a trip and fall injury.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Pompano Beach

 In order to seek workers’ compensation benefits, you will need to be sure to report your foot injury to your employer as soon as possible, and within 30 days from the date of the injury or diagnosis. You should get in touch with one of the dedicated Pompano Beach workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. to ensure you take the necessary steps to obtain the benefits you need.


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