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Work Injuries Affecting Hairdressers And Barbers


Workplace injuries can affect employees in any industry or profession, even though some types of jobs have more hazards than others. While you might not immediately think about injury risks for hairdressers or barbers, these jobs do have a range of injury risks that can result in missed workdays and long-term disabilities. According to an article in the Journal of Occupational Health, musculoskeletal injuries tend to be most common among hairdressing professionals. These injuries tend to impact hairdressers most often “due to twisting and repetitive movements,” and “spend[ing] long periods of time carrying out work activities in awkward postures.” Hairdressers also tend to work long hours on their feet without sufficient breaks and to come into contact with potentially hazardous substances.

Most types of workplace injuries impacting hairdressers are compensable through the Florida workers’ compensation system. What do you need to know about work injuries affecting hairdressers and barbers? Our West Palm Beach workers’ compensation lawyers can provide you with more information.

Common Types of Hairdresser Injuries 

The types of tasks that hairdressers and barbers perform can put them at risk of many different types of injuries. Understanding the common duties of hairdressers and barbers can help to clarify why particular kinds of injuries often occur in the workplace. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that hairdressers and barbers commonly perform the following jobs at work:

  • Discussing hairstyle options with customers;
  • Shampooing and conditioning hair;
  • Coloring and lightening hair;
  • Blow drying and styling hair with heat tools;
  • Cutting hair;
  • Trimming facial hair; and
  • Cleaning and disinfecting haircutting tools.

As a result of standing on their feet and continuously using their arms and hands, hairdressers can sustain repetitive stress injuries that affect the back, arms, neck, hands, and wrists. In addition, hairdressers can sustain injuries while using hairdressing tools like shears or hair chemicals. According to the Chron, the following are the most frequently reported work injuries among hairdressers and barbers:

  • Chemical injuries, including skin and eye injuries resulting from exposure or splashes from coloring or lightening agents, or chemical straightening agents;
  • Cuts or lacerations, and puncture injuries, caused by cutting and trimming tools;
  • Slip and fall injuries resulting from liquid spills on hairdresser floors due to product spills or water from shampooing stations;
  • Burn injuries resulting from blow drying or other heat tools;
  • Shoulder, arm, and wrist injuries caused by repetitive motions involving hands and arms in hairdressing duties; and
  • Back injuries caused by repetitive stress or twisting while working.

Hair Salon Workers Can Be Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits 

Florida law requires all salons with four or more employees to have workers’ compensation coverage. If you were injured at work as a hairdresser or a barber and your employer is covered, you should start the claims process by reporting your injury to your employer. Under Florida law, you must report your work injury no later than 30 days from the date of the accident that caused your injury or your diagnosis with a work-related disease or repetitive stress injury.

To learn more about workers’ compensation and your eligibility for benefits, you should get in touch with an attorney who can help to ensure that you take all required steps under Florida workers’ compensation law.

Contact a West Palm Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer 

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