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Why You Need An Auto Accident Attorney

Do I Need an Auto Accident Attorney?

If you’ve recently been in an auto accident and have walked away without major injury, you might be feeling pretty lucky. Before you accept that settlement check from your insurance company, though, to cover your medical expenses and the damages to your car, check to see if you might need a auto accident attorney in Miami. This might seem totally ludicrous, but there are a few reasons that hiring an attorney may be to your advantage.

For one thing, insurance companies can take a long, long time to make payments if you don’t know how to file your claims right. It’s easy to pay your insurance company, but it’s much more difficult to actually get a payment from them. If you’d like to see your money sometime in the next few months rather than the next few years, you might want to contact an attorney who is used to working with insurance companies that are reluctant to pay.

Another reason that you need an auto accident attorney is that not all auto accident injuries are completely visible or manifest symptoms at first. Problems like whiplash and minor spinal injuries due to impact can take months to fix, and it’s not cheap to go to a chiropractor’s office once or twice a week until the problem is cured. Insurance companies are totally aware of this, which is why they’ll try to write you a small settlement check right after your accident.

You’re thinking that you walked away injury free, only to discover a few days later that you can’t handle the pain without going to a chiropractor. If you’ve already accepted a check from the insurance company, you may not be able to get enough money to actually cover those extra medical expenses. So, before you accept a check at all, check with an attorney to see if it’s actually a decent settlement or not.

Dealing with insurance companies always brings a lot of red tape and annoying phone calls. If you just don’t have the time and energy, let alone the knowledge, to deal with it, then you need an attorney who does. Hiring an attorney who has worked with other auto accident cases and won can be a good start to getting the money you need from your insurance company. Whether you need to pay for car repairs or medical bills or cover the bills because you missed time at work, an auto accident attorney can get you the money you need from your insurance company.

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