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Why Do Florida Nursing Homes Overdose Patients?

“Is she being given all of her medications?” is the question that haunts most families who place their loved one in a nursing home. On average, the typical nursing home resident is prescribed 7-10 different pills daily. While many worry that the nursing home has failed to administer all of the meds prescribed by the doctor, the reverse is actually true. Nursing homes are highly likely to overmedicate their patients. Reports continue to reveal that Florida nursing homes have become notorious for overdosing their aging residents.

Nursing homes often turn to overmedicating their residents because it cuts down on employee staffing. When a patient is quieted with medication, then they are less likely to require intensive care. Sadly, overmedicating nursing home residents is basically used as a form of behavior management to control combative behavior that is sometimes characteristic of elderly with certain conditions.

Overmedicating nursing home residents is altogether too common, and also considered a legal form of elder and nursing home abuse. Florida nursing homes are making irrevocable mistakes when it comes to administering medications to their residents.  In fact, in the United States, Florida overmedicates our nursing home patients more than any other state.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently reported that Florida’s nursing homes are most likely to overmedicate patients with antipsychotic medications. The use of antipsychotic medication is implemented to assist in controlling the neediness that often characterizes elderly residents.

  • 70% of all Florida nursing home patients are given antipsychotic overdoses
  • 40% of patients are given an overdose of antipsychotic meds without even having a prescription or diagnosis of a mental disorder
  • 15,000  nursing home residents die yearly from drug overdose

If you suspect that your loved one may be overmedicated, then you have several options. First, ask the nursing home to show you the log of the medications they are administering to your family member. By federal law, they are required to keep impeccable records. Still, many nursing home facilities simply don’t record the overdose. If possible, visit the nursing home during the times that the meds are administered, usually during meals. Check to see that there is in actuality a prescription for each med administered.

Ask for Help!

Take a stand against your loved one becoming the next victim of nursing home abuse. You can’t rely on an elderly patient being aware of medication errors made by their nursing home caregivers. If you suspect that a loved one is suffering from being given the wrong medications within the care of a nursing home, immediate legal assistance is necessary! South Florida nursing home abuse lawyer David Benenfeld, is dedicated to helping victims of abuse. For or a free legal consultation, call today: 954-677-0155.

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