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South Florida Nursing Home Care Turns into a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Many people get admitted to nursing homes in Florida after a surgery, in order to rehabilitate. While nursing home staff are trained and licensed to give proper medical care and rehabilitation to those recovering from surgery, sometimes their treatment or lack thereof turns deadly.

If people come to nursing homes after surgery to rehabilitate, how can they die if they made it through their surgeries?

The below example can demonstrate that things can go wrong in nursing homes that can prove fatal.

An elderly lady underwent hip surgery and was placed in the care of a nursing home for a short stint of rehabilitation. On the first day she was placed in the nursing home her bed was broken bed and there was dust and dirt on the bedside table. It was also shocking to her family to find her continually getting worse after her surgery instead of getting better.

Her surgical wound developed into a staph infection, which is treatable if caught early enough. The unfortunate thing was that no one at the understaffed nursing home caught it or took the proper medical steps to treat it or stop the infection from getting worse. Sadly, she died as a result of improper nursing home care in Florida.

Although no amount of money can bring back a loved one after death, there are ways family members can seek justice and start healing. Contact Attorney David Benenfeld for legal representation and a free initial consultation.

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