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When Patients Are Discharged TOO Early, Wrongful Death In Florida Can Occur

People all throughout the state of Florida visit hospitals for medical treatments of various conditions. When doctors discharge patient too early, and patients experience medical complications and death shortly afterwards, it can be considered wrongful death.

Sometimes hospitals discharge patients before they should go home for a number of reasons, including:

  • Shortage of hospital beds
  • Poor planning
  • Negligence

Unfortunately, discharging patients too early without providing further testing or monitoring can be considered medical negligence. There have been multiple cases in which doctors have neglected to asses patients’ health. Not only can sending patients home from hospitals prematurely be potentially deadly, but being negligent in post-operative treatment or failing to give proper discharge instruction can also put patients at risk.

When doctors fail to properly treat their patients and improperly discharge them, patients can die as a result. Sadly, some patients are discharged too early from Florida hospitals as a result of doctor negligence—suffering wrongful deaths.

Some examples of patients being discharged prematurely include:

  • Patient was unresponsive and slumped over in the wheelchair, yet he was still discharged.
  • Patient was having difficulty breathing but was discharged anyways.
  • Patient knew something wasn’t right and told healthcare workers, but he was discharged against his will.
  • Doctor misinterpreted lab tests and sent patient home when he shouldn’t have.

If your loved one died due to medical negligence, you may have rights to compensation. When your spouse or parent dies suddenly as a result of being discharged too early, you can collect for:

  • loss of companionship
  • loss of affection
  • loss of income
  • funeral and burial costs
  • medical expenses
  • grief and sorrow

If you believe that your loved one was discharged from the hospital too early, which led to his or her complications and death, you should speak with an experienced wrongful death attorney. A knowledgeable Broward County wrongful death attorney will be able to investigate your claim to determine if a doctor breached the standard of care and could be guilty of medical malpractice and wrongful death in Florida.

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