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When Nursing Home Rehabilitation Turns To Wrongful Death In Florida

Many elderly people who undergo surgery on their knees, hips, or other body parts often need to stay for short stints at nursing homes. The reason for this is that many elderly people don’t have someone to take care of them as they heal. Additionally, rehabilitation is often necessary after surgery, which is why they are placed in nursing homes.

Unfortunately, not all elderly people who come in for short stays at nursing homes get to leave. Some patients end up taking a turn for the worse and need to stay indefinitely or end up dying while they are there. Shockingly, not every death that occurs at a nursing home is a natural death. In fact, some deaths are considered wrongful deaths because they are caused by nursing home neglect and poor actions on the part of nursing home workers.

One type of nursing home wrongful death is caused when wounds are left untreated. When patients are admitted to nursing homes following surgery, they have surgical wounds that need to heal properly. When they are neglected, their wounds can become severely infected, even septic, leading to complications and death.

The Reality of Infections in Nursing Homes

Serious infections are one of the main reasons why nursing home residents die. When a resident suffers an infection and is left in unsanitary conditions and isn’t checked on by the proper individuals, he or she may grow sicker and sicker due to the infection that isn’t being treated properly.

The sad truth is that many nursing homes run lean and overwork their employees, not giving nursing home workers the necessary time they need to check on patients. When corporate nursing homes prioritize their profits instead of their patient’s safety, residents can suffer wrongful death as a result.

Because wrongful death in Florida nursing homes continues to occur, the family of a deceased resident should pursue a wrongful death lawsuit for the following reasons:

  • so that this type of treatment doesn’t occur to others in the nursing home
  • so that negligent nursing home workers are held responsible
  • so that large corporations who own these nursing homes are held accountable for putting profits above patient safety
  • to alert authorities of federal law violations
  • to make sure facilities have enough staff to meet the needs of patients

If you believe you have a wrongful death claim against a Fort Lauderdale nursing home, contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld. We will provide you with more information about your rights in a free legal consultation. Simply dial 954-677-0155 to speak with a skilled wrongful death attorney in Florida.

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