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When Are Nursing Home Residents Victims Of Sexual Abuse?

Most people cannot fathom that someone would ever mistreat a senior living at a nursing home; however, abuse and neglect of seniors throughout Florida nursing homes happen more than most people would like to believe. While we would like to assume neglect and mistreatment is small or rarely occurs, it is not the case for some residents.

Some seniors are regularly and intentionally abused by those who work in nursing homes or by other residents. Sadly, older seniors and those who have a difficult time speaking, such as residents living with Alzheimer’s, are prime targets abusers prey on. The sad truth is that abusers who intentionally mistreat these residents often commit sexual abuse.

What You Should Know About Sexual Abuse of Nursing Home Residents

Outright sexual abuse and mistreatment of a resident is horrific. While you may automatically assume that when a resident is sexually abused that the abuser raped the resident; however, not all sexual abuse includes penetration. Nursing home sexual abuse in Florida can also include:

  • Pornography
  • Taking explicit pictures
  • Anal and oral sex
  • Fondling and groping of private parts

A Closer Look at Fondling

Because nursing home sexual abuse doesn’t have to include intercourse, residents who have had their private parts touched are considered victims of abuse. Unfortunately, many of these residents are too old or sick to even know what’s happening. While some are aware and have been coerced and forced into it, many victims do not fully understand the harm—and some are confused about what happened.

Unfortunately, many of nursing home residents who have been fondled don’t truly understand what happened or are too embarrassed that they don’t tell anyone. This is how many abusers who prey on nursing home residents get away with fondling residents.

What You Can Do for Your Loved One

It is always a good idea to visit your elderly loved one frequently and at different times of the day, and don’t let a closed door keep you out of your relative’s room. If you suspect something, ask your loved one. If your relative admits to being fondled, you need to tell the nursing home immediately, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer, and protect your loved one from further harm.

The Law Offices of David Benenfeld will be pleased to offer you a free consultation to answer your questions. You speak with a knowledgeable South Florida nursing home abuse lawyer by calling 954-677-0155.

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