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When Are Broward County Drivers Too Old To Drive?

Just because someone is getting older doesn’t mean they need to surrender their license to drive. Taking away someone’s license based on an age or number doesn’t seem fair or logical.  Florida’s Department of Vehicles has identified some drivers over 90 to be safe, fit, and able to drive, while others in their 40’s to be an obvious threat to others on the road.  If research and statistics reveal Florida as having the highest amount of elderly auto accident fatalities, when and how should one evaluate it’s time to shelve a senior citizen’s driver’s license?

One can’t go very long without hearing of an older person accidentally plowing through road signs, crosswalks, or marketplaces. If you have a loved one that is aging, you may be unaware of their driving habits until you sit beside them as a passenger. Deciding to launch the driving conversation with an elderly person is not only awkward, but in some regards, feels disrespectful. At the same time, postponing the evaluation of an elderly person’s driving habits can be highly hazardous, and even fatal.

At-Risk Factors for Elderly Drivers

  1. Vision. Glaucoma and cataracts may diminish driving skills. A senior should meet with an eye doctor who can help make this decision.

  2. Strength. Seniors who haven’t been able to maintain exercise to keep up their strength and dexterity may have a harder time handling a car.

  3. Thinking. Cognitive skills including dementia, Alzheimer’s, or any other health conditions that cause lack of awareness or consciousness are highly hazardous.

  4. Meds. Since most senior take over 12 meds per day, countless side effects are likely to impair driving skills. Seniors or their family members should bring up driving to the doctor as it relates to meds.

  5. Fender-benders. Examine the senior’s car. Are there more than a few scratches and dents? If the fender-benders start adding up, it may be time to reconsider driving.

If you were in a car accident involving an elderly person and have been injured, it is vital that you seek quality support from a skilled Accident Attorney in Broward County who understands the emotional, medical, financial, and legal issues that are at hand.

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