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What’s Involved In Initiating A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Unlike personal injury and other types of cases, wrongful death lawsuits cannot involve the victim who’s paid the ultimate price due to another’s wrongful conduct. It is up to another individual or individuals to bring about legal proceedings for the wrongful actions. The process will only begin if someone takes action and contacts a specialized attorney.

A surviving spouse, children, dependent or other beneficiary may easily recognize their important role in taking action when wrongful death occurs, but this isn’t always the case. One reason many wrongful death lawsuits that could be filed are not relates to simple misunderstanding or confusion about whose responsibility it is to do so.

If you’re uncertain about whether or not you may be entitled to monetary damages as a result of a victim’s wrongful death, you should contact an attorney. A wrongful death lawyer can identify who exactly is allowed to initiate a case based on survival statutes. This is the first step any wrongful death lawsuit must involve.

It’s important to contact a wrongful death attorney in Ft. Lauderdale as soon as possible if you believe or even suspect you might have a legitimate case. It may take time for the attorney to identify the individual or individuals who may initiate a lawsuit.

In Florida as well as all other states, statutes govern the time frame within which wrongful death lawsuits may be filed. Although these deadlines vary according to individual circumstances, the sooner you contact an attorney, the more likely you are to meet statute deadlines for filing your wrongful death case.

Contacting an attorney to discuss wrongful death feels uncomfortable for many people, but it is the only way to know for sure if a victim’s surviving relatives, dependents or beneficiaries can seek monetary damages related to their loss.

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