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What You Shouldn’t Spot In An Assisted Living Facility In Florida

If you know that your loved one needs more care than independent living but doesn’t need as much assistance as found in a skilled nursing home, you may have come to the conclusion that your elderly family member may need to reside in an assisted living community. Although you arrived at this decision, the decision making isn’t over. Now you need to find the right assisted living facility in Florida for your loved one.

To help you in your search, here are some things you should never see when reviewing an assisted living facility, according to

  • Smell urine or other foul smells. If the staff at the facility doesn’t have the time or doesn’t care about residents’ hygiene, you don’t want your loved one residing there.

  • See residents in wheelchairs sitting alone. While it is alright for residents to be sitting alone looking outside or reading a book, sitting alone could signify that the facility is understaffed to provide residents with the care they need.

  • See empty halls and common areas. Residents should be brought together to interact with each other and do activities, not left to sit alone in their rooms.

  • Hear employees arguing with each other or residents. Disagreements between staff and management aren’t good signs, and neither is hearing arguments between residents and staff members.

Staff should be professional, politely interact with residents, friendly, and should be available to assist residents. If the assisted living facility’s environment isn’t peaceful, keep searching for the right one. It is important to pick the right place so that your loved one doesn’t become a victim of abuse and neglect.

If your loved one has been harmed, you need to speak with a nursing home abuse lawyer in Florida to find out you rights. You can contact the Law Office of David Benenfeld today for a free consultation at 954-677-0155.

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