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What Fort Lauderdale Slip And Fall Victims Need To Know About Pelvic Injuries

Most of us walk into a store, restaurant, supermarket, office building, or other business never giving much thought to falling. However, slip and fall accidents in Florida occur far more frequently than you may realize. This is because businesses often don’t take care of their premises like they should, which often leads to slip and fall accidents.

When someone slips and falls due to unsafe conditions, that person can suffer a variety of injuries than can range from minor to severe. One type of severe injury that occurs in slip and fall accidents is a pelvic fracture. When victims come in contact with the hard floor, sometimes a pelvic fracture can take place.

Pelvic Fractures Are Very Serious Injuries

Because the pelvis directs our spine’s movements, stabilizes our body, protects our pelvic floor muscles, and connects our upper and lower body, pelvis injuries can be very serious and affect our body’s overall health. When a pelvic fracture occurs, it can lead to:

  • Difficulties walking
  • Leg instability
  • Hip injuries
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Bladder and bowel problems
  • Disabilities
  • Heavy bleeding

Because the bleeding may occur internally, pelvic fractures can be very serious because internal organ damage could have been the result. Unfortunately, pelvic injuries are very serious and can even be life-threatening. This is why all Fort Lauderdale slip and fall victims should always seek immediate medical treatment following a slip and fall accident.

What a Pelvic Injury Means to You

In addition to suffering a serious injury that can affect your health and well-being, this type of injury can also affect your ability to earn a living. Since you will probably need surgery, rehabilitation, rest, and time off of work to heal, you may be forced to lose out on wages and benefits. If you are losing income all while your medical bills are piling up, your financial situation can also turn serious in a second.

Don’t allow a careless company to get away without paying for your pelvic fracture-related expenses that occurred as a result of a slip and fall. To make sure you hold the party responsible for your injuries and damages, you should contact the Law Office of David Benenfeld today for a free consultation with a knowledgeable injury lawyer in South Florida at 954-677-0155.

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