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Types Of Back Injuries That Should Receive Florida Workers’ Comp Benefits

Back injuries on the job in Florida occur more than most people realize. In any type of workplace environment, backs are at great risk for getting injured.  From a simple twist or turn in an office building to a lifting injury at a warehouse it can happen to anyone.

Some of the many different types of workplace back injuries include:

  • Back sprain and strain – the back is made up of tendons, ligaments and muscles. When a back strain occurs, an injury to muscles or tendons happen. When a back sprain takes place, stretching or tearing of the ligaments occur.

  • Herniated disc – when a spinal disc is forced out of place due to an injury, it fails to act like a cushion between the bones of the spine and thus puts pressure on the nerves. This can cause a condition known as sciatica, which can cause shooting pain down the buttocks and leg that can be debilitating.

  • Broken back – when the section of the spine referred to as the back—Lumbar, Thoracic, Sacral, and Coccygeal—suffers a fracture, the back can be described as broken.

  • Vertebral compression fracture – when the bones of the spine become compressed due to trauma, it can cause compression of the nerves. This type of injury is usually seen with falls from heights.

  • Spinal cord injury – when a blow to the spine occurs on the job, victims may suffer partial or complete paralysis due to severe nerve damage.

In any of the above listed injuries, victims suffer from pain, as well as lack of range of motion and functionality. Depending on the diagnosis, people with back injuries may have to undergo spine surgery and may require weeks and months off of work in order to heal completely. If your workplace back injury in Florida causes you pain and the inability to work, drive, walk, or care for yourself, please call a skilled South Florida workers’ compensation lawyer immediately.

An attorney can help you get the most benefits available under Florida workers’ compensation laws. Unfortunately, insurance companies have been known to question back injuries, which is why you will want someone on your side fighting for you. Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld today at 954-677-0155 to receive a free consultation and book: Hurt On the Job in Florida – What Are My Rights?

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