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Truck Driver Fatigue Causes South Florida Accidents

One in four vehicle fatalities involve a large truck.

Truck drivers by trade are ultimately fatigued by the demands of their job. Excessive driving hours which last for days and weeks are a leading contributor in causing truck drivers to fall asleep at the wheel. Unfortunately, a truck driver’s sleepiness often leads to irreversible consequences causing severe injuries, and sometimes death. For this reason, the federal government has issued rules which govern the amount of hours that truck drivers are permitted to operate a vehicle without rest.

Currently, the rule states that for every 10 consecutive hours of truck driving, there must be a minimum resting period of eight hours. That schedule can easily translate into driving a total of 16 hours within only a 24 hour period. The FMCSA is currently recommending a new rotating schedule which would in essence require shorter driving periods and longer rest periods. Within the State of Florida, trucking law limits driving to 11 hours and provides a 10 hour rest period.

Obviously, all of the regulations in the world cannot solve the problem of necessity when it comes to the trucking industry. For this reason, need takes precedence over safety, and thousands suffer serious injuries from trucking accidents every year. Floridians who are victim of trucking accidents are eligible for compensation from various sources including the truck owner, truck driver, truck leasing company, truck manufacturer, and truck shipper or loader.

Frequently, Florida trucking companies and drivers are in violation of federal and state regulations which govern safe driving practices. Sadly, most deaths and injuries could have been prevented if mandated precautions had been properly observed by members belonging to the trucking industry.

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