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Tips For Bicycle Safety In Florida

Now that warmer weather is here, more and more bicyclists in Broward County will be hitting the highways for some fun and enjoyment.
Unfortunately with bicycling, many people will be injured and sometimes killed because they have not taken the proper safety precautions.
The Sheriff’s Department for Broward County has several bicycle safety tips that can help keep bicyclists safe.   Whether a bicyclist is young or old, these safety tips will help.

  • Bicycle helmets should always be worn and should meet one or more of the voluntary bicycle helmet standards such as ASTM, Snell, or ANSI.
  • A properly fitted helmet should be level on the head.  It should not be tilted back or hang low over the forehead.
  • Proper clothing with reflectors should be worn to make sure you are visible to motorists and pedestrians.
  • Check your bicycle to make sure it is operating properly and in good working order.  Check the tires and brakes.
  • Always go in the same direction that the traffic is going.
  • Be aware of pedestrians, other vehicles and any potholes or debris in the road.
  • Don’t ever ride with another person on your handlebars.
  • Never take your hands off the handlebars.  Always leave at least one on at all times.
  • Learn the proper turn signals when riding.

By following these tips, you will be able to have a safer ride and enjoy this time of the year.
The Office of David Benenfeld would like to encourage all bicyclists in Broward County to enjoy this season and be safe while riding your bikes.

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