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Things Every Rider Should Know Following A Florida Motorcycle Crash

One of the greatest life pleasures for some is to ride a motorcycle on the open road. While fun, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous and often lead to a Florida motorcycle crash. This is why every rider should understand how to handle an accident and what to do in the aftermath of a crash because crashing is an unfortunate reality facing bikers.

Some important steps to take following a motorcycle accident include:

  • Call 911 to get a police officer on scene to take a accident report

  • Ask for an ambulance if you or someone else has been injured, even for minor injuries

  • Take down the other driver’s name, insurance information, license plate number, and driver’s license number

  • If there are witnesses, ask for their contact information

  • Use your cell phone to snap some photographs of the accident scene and damage to your bike and other vehicles

  • Contact your insurance carrier to report the accident

  • Decline giving your insurance company a recorded statement at this time

  • Don’t speak with the other insurance company yet

  • If you didn’t get help from paramedics, go to the ER or see your doctor ASAP because a delay in seeking medical treatment can harm your case

  • Tell the doctor everything, even the most minor ache or pain you are experiencing

  • Keep your damaged helmet, gloves, or any other items that were damaged in the crash

  • Take pictures or videotape your injuries

  • Start an accident file to collect records related to the crash, such as the police report, your notes, medical bills, and insurance paperwork

  • Avoid posting any pictures or comments on Facebook and refrain from social media networks at this time as anything you post might be used against you

  • Contact a personal injury lawyer who handles motorcycle accident claims

Because motorcycle claims are typically serious in nature, the insurance company is always looking to limit their liability and pin some of the responsibility on you. This is why you should follow these steps after a motorcycle crash. Because you don’t want something you say or do to affect your accident claim settlement, you should hire an experienced South Florida motorcycle accident attorney to learn more about protecting your interests.

Call the Law Office of David Benenfeld to speak with a knowledgeable Florida motorcycle accident attorney in a free case consultation today at 954-677-0155.

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