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The Results of Medication Errors in South Florida Nursing Homes

Most patients in South Florida nursing homes need to take medication for their ailments and pain every day. The nurses and doctors at nursing homes are required to provide medication to residents living in that home.

Some medication needs to be administered at the same time every day. Other medication needs to be taken with food and a full glass of water. However, because nursing homes are generally understaffed, it is not uncommon for nurses and doctors to make mistakes and forget to give a patient their medicine at the right time, give the wrong dosage of medication, or overmedicate a resident.

When overmedication occurs in South Florida nursing homes, it can lead to a wrongful death of a resident.

Overmedication can cause:

  • Dizziness or disorientation
  • Depression
  • Dehydration
  • Changes in mood and behavior
  • Death

When patients are overmedicated, it can cause them to be dizzy and unstable. When this occurs there is a greater chance to fall. When this happens to an elderly person, the fall can be much more serious and lead to head injuries and loss of life.

If your loved one was overmedicated in a Florida nursing home, it can be heartbreaking to find out that the very place you entrusted them to hurt them. When an overmedication mistake cost your family member his or her life, the nursing home should be liable for their inexcusable medication error.

If your loved one suffered a wrongful death in South Florida by a nursing home you entrusted them to, you should speak with a skilled wrongful death lawyer in Fort Lauderdale at the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 954-807-1334 in a free legal consultation today.

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