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The Reality Of Head Injuries In A South Florida Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle helmets in the Sunshine State are not required, if a rider is at least 21-years-old and carries a minimum of $10,000 in medical insurance. However, motorcycle helmets are always recommended each and every time a motorcyclist takes a ride, in order to reduce injuries if involved in a South Florida motorcycle accident.

Most motorcyclists have been told that wearing motorcycle helmets will reduce their chances of head injuries and brain damage.  Unfortunately, some riders still choose to not wear one when riding their bikes because they feel they are in control. The reality is motorcyclists are not always in control.  Drivers of other vehicles may not see a motorcycle and change lanes or pull out in front of it, causing a motorcycle crash.

If a crash occurs when a motorcyclist isn’t wearing a helmet, head trauma generally occurs. Here is a closer look at the head and brain injuries that motorcyclists have suffered in Florida motorcycle crashes:

  • Concussion – the head can be jolted around and cause a concussion that could lead to memory loss.
  • Facial trauma – the face can suffer scrapes, cuts, and road burns, as well as broken facial bones and a broken nose when a helmet isn’t worn.
  • Head trauma – when a motorcyclist’s head is smashed into his bike or the ground, a rider may suffer a serious head injury.
  • Traumatic brain injury – this type of injury can cause a motorcyclist brain damage that could be temporary or permanent.
  • Spinal cord injury – this injury can cause permanent paralysis and other serious problems for the victim.

Many studies have indicated that wearing a motorcycle helmet reduces or even prevents the above mentioned injuries. When a rider does not wear a helmet, he or she is leaving themselves open to suffering serious injuries and the consequences of riding without a helmet.

The head and brain injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can cause temporary or permanent damage. A motorcyclist may need lifelong medical care and therapy for physical disabilities, speech and motor skill problems.

If you were injured in a Broward County motorcycle accident due to another negligent driver, even if you were or weren’t wearing a helmet, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  Call a Broward County personal injury attorney to review your case in a free legal consultation today. Call the Law Office of David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155.

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