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Texting While Driving Leads To Florida Car Accidents

It almost seems like the majority of people now days have a smart phone or some sort of cell phone that is capable of sending or receiving text messages.  Although technology is helpful, it has proven to be a problem behind the wheel.  If drivers engage in texting while driving, it can potentially lead to life-threatening accidents.

Texting while driving is considered to be the worst form of distracted driving.  It forces a driver to take his or her mind off of driving, hands off the wheel of the car, and eyes off the roadway.

Texting While Driving Has Been Linked to Distracted Driving Accidents in Florida

There have been several studies showing that texting while driving has caused accidents and has even caused loss of life.  A study by Virginia Tech Driving Institute supports that those who text from behind the wheel are 23 times more likely to have an accident. Another study by Car and Driver magazine indicated that texting while driving is considered to be even more dangerous than drunk driving.

The Results Are In

The statistics show that texting does impair a driver’s abilities to concentrate on driving.  The National Safety Council indicates that approximately 1.6 million accidents n the U.S. each year are caused by cell phones, and about 200,000 of these crashes are due to texting while driving.

Why Isn’t Florida Banning Texting While Driving?

Last year there were 17 bills proposed by Florida lawmakers regarding texting while driving; however, all of the bills either were rejected or died in the House. Currently the state of Florida does not have any restrictions placed on texting while driving.

This year, there are three bills filed by different representatives regarding distracted driving legislation.  These bills including SB 80, SB 158, and HB 79 will be reviewed once the legislation returns in March for a 60-day session.

Although Florida does not have a law banning texting while driving yet, it is a behavior that is considered negligent.  If you have been injured in a Florida car crash by a negligent, distracted driver, you need to speak with a skilled attorney who can help you fight for just compensation. Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld to speak with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer today if you have been injured in South Florida car accident.

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